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Thought transfer from brain to brain

Thought transfer in the form of binary code was accomplished from France to India.

Thought transfer from brain to brain

According to the research, scientists were able to make a sensational conclusion – people can communicate by thought. The "collocutors" were located in different parts of the planet. A person who was conveying his thought were in France, and the "receiving" person was in India. The experiment was held with the help of computer technology. The computer transformed the thought into a binary code, and in this form, it was sent to India. There the thought took the reverse process, transferring from binary signal into the brain signal.

The message from France emerged in the person in the corner of the eye in the form of flash of light. This light appeared at intervals, allowing the recipient to decrypt the message. Then a similar experiment was carried out at a smaller distance – from Spain to France. The error in the transfer amounted to only 15%. The experience turned out to be successful.

The developers believe that this technology will be widely used in the man-machine interface.

It is to be recalled that this year in Germany there were tested the aircraft operated by pilots only by thought. This experiment was very successful. The pilots even managed to land the planes on the ground. Also, in 2014 a group of scientists from the University of Oregon said that they were able to read a person"s thoughts in real time. It was possible with the help of electroencephalograph.

Based on the scientific achievements of the year, we can assume that in the future we will see a lot of interesting developments that will bring humanity closer to the comprehension of the phenomenon of telepathy.