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The first ever selfie

The world"s first selfie does not look much worse than today's, because his owner did not have to impose special retro filters.

The first ever selfie

The world's first selfie was taken 8 years before the invention of a phone, and 168 years before iPhone. According to the report of the Library of Congress (as well as the publication of Popular Mechanics), the first photographic portrait was made in 1839 by 30-year-old Robert Cornelius.

The man put the camera in the back room of his father's shop in Philadelphia, took off the lens cap, sat in front of the camera and waited about 5 minutes to "say cheese".

Researchers already considered it the first photographic self-portrait, or the first selfie. Modern selfie lovers should learn from this dandy, wearing a white coat and tie with a rock star' hair style. What if Cornelius could travel through time?