Chinese scientists discover “gene of loneliness”

Chinese geneticists have found out why so many people love to be alone. Scientists have conducted a series of studies among students and discovered a "gene of loneliness".

Chinese scientists discover "gene of loneliness"

According to the Russian media, the experts from the Peking University took hair samples of more than 600 students and have subjected them to a serious analysis. They paid special attention to the amount of serotonin in the human body, since it is known that this substance is responsible for the life satisfaction of the individual. As it has been previously demonstrated, the more serotonin is produced by a human body, the more happy a human is.

The experts from the University in Beijing showed that the gene, which exists in two versions – G and C is responsible for the production of serotonin in the body. People with the G version of gene are gloomier and often avoid contact with others. They are more likely to suffer from depression and neurosis. Their bodies produce serotonin in much smaller amounts than the bodies of people with the C gene. People with the C version of gene feel happy and always try to be in the spotlight, they are always happy to communicate and make new acquaintances.

Thus, the researchers at the Peking University came to the conclusion that they have discovered a "gene of loneliness" and it is the G version of gene.

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