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Wi-Fi causes allergy

Electromagnetic waves produced by Wi-Fi, in some cases may be harmful to human health.

Wi-Fi causes allergy Today it is hard to imagine our life without Wi-Fi. But the studies have shown that about 5% of the total population of the planet can be sensitive not only to electromagnetic waves of microwave ovens and cell phones, but also to the waves emitted by wireless Wi-Fi.

This is the so-called electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome, or some reaction of the organism to the work of the electronic device, which is manifested in the form of allergy in some people. The most sensitive people react even to light bulbs, scientists say. They are exposed to absolutely all the forms of non-ionizing radiation, specially designed so that it can not affect human health.

Victims of electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome mostly complain about a variety of symptoms ranging from lethargy and breathing problems to paralysis. Also, these people believe in the opposite effect of electromagnetic fields: in their opinion, this radiation can lead to cancer, cause autoimmune diseases and neurological disorders in the long run.

Similar conclusions were reached by scientists in the course of the 2011 study, which, in particular, showed that the Wi-Fi waves influence the decrease in brain activity of the male students in the regions responsible for concentration and attention.

It is to be recalled that in 2010 the scientists also found that Wi-Fi signal adversely affects the function of short-term memory of young women, when they were to repeat the numbers just dictated to them. In the end, this study prompted the European Assembly to limit Wi-Fi transmission in schools, as well as the use of mobile phones among children.