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Handy alternative to computer mouse

New gadgets significantly improve the lives of computer users. Among recent developments, there is Flow controller. Its entry into the market can oust less functional computer mice.

Handy alternative to computer mouse

Developers have created more functional and convenient alternative to computer mouse. According to its creators, a small programmable wireless controller Flow is more convenient for the human hand than a mouse or other devices.

New device is slightly smaller than a hockey puck with 70 mm in diameter and 15 mm in height. Flow's rim rotates; the upper bound distinguishes touch and pressing like the screen of smartphone or touchpad. Also, the device is equipped with a light sensor. Together with an infrared sensor, it allows to control them without direct tactile contact.

Flow is connected to a computer via Bluetooth. Built-in battery provides four months of continuous work.

So far, Flow runs OS X, but soon it will be adapted to iOS, Android and Windows. According to the creators, buyers of this new gadget will be specialists in computer graphics, video processing and 3D-modeling. Flow can work with major Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, Final Cut Pro X, AutoCAD and YouTube. The list of available applications for the gadget includes more than 30 programs and it is expanding.

Information about the new project is available on the site of crowdfunding Indiegogo. So far, 34 per cent of the required amount have been collected. Investors can buy Flow for $ 99 at a proposed retail price of $ 135.

The launch of a new product is expected after June 2015.

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