Scientists: Mars suffered nuclear war

According to plasma physicist Dr. Brandenburg, the nuclear elimination of Martians became a warning to other civilizations, including people of the Earth.

Scientists: Mars suffered nuclear war

Earth"s inhabitants can suffer the fate of died out Martians. This sensational version was announced by the plasma physicist, Dr. Brandenburg. He suggests that life on Mars disappeared due to nuclear war.

The scientist came to this conclusion after having studied the materials obtained with the help of NASA orbital spacecraft "Mars Odyssey." The device detected the high level of xenon-129 in the atmosphere of the Red Planet, and uranium and thorium – on its surface. According to Brandenburg, these substances prove nuclear strike on the planet.

The researcher believes that Martian civilization was destroyed by more ancient race that made it only to set an example for others. Therefore, according to Brandenburg, the inhabitants of the Earth are now in the same danger as the Martians were.

The foreign press writes that NASA"s orbiter spacecraft managed to transmit data about strong concentration of isotopes of xenon-129 in the atmosphere of Mars. Such a concentration of isotopes was discovered on the Earth after incidents such as the Chernobyl disaster.

"Taking into account the number of isotopes in the atmosphere of Mars, similar to those recorded after nuclear disasters on the Earth, Mars could be an example of civilization wiped from the surface as a result of a nuclear attack from outer space," Brandenburg says.

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