Sony develops “smart watch” of e-paper

A new gadget is made of innovative material, whereby the whole surface of the watch can operate as a display.

Sony develops "smart watch" of e-paper

Japanese company Sony announced the release of smart watches made of electronic paper in 2015.

The front side and strap of the device are made of innovative material patented by the Japanese manufacturer specifically for manufacturing these watches. With the help of this material, the entire surface of the gadget can operate as a display. This time, the company focused not on the product's functionality but on its design.

This year CEO of Sony Kazuo Hirai has formed a department aimed at the production of innovative products. It is expected that smart watches will be one of the work products of the new department. In the department, there is also implemented Seed Acceleration program, which allows employees, who have new developments, to attract investors for their ideas.

SmartWatch 3 SWR50 is the first Sony gadget running Google Android Wear, created specifically for handheld devices.

Earlier it was reported that Samsung has developed a computer mouse allowing performing actions without hands.

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