Blogger puts game from Tetris on keyboard

The new version of Snake uses only a keyboard.

Blogger puts game from Tetris on keyboard

The author of the blog about technology and hackers Sprites Mods has projected the legendary Snake game on a mechanical keyboard. This option of Snake is unique by the fact that it is played not on a display, but with the help of the keyboard, which is activated to control the "snake".

The man achieved this effect after breaking ARM Cortex processor responsible for the keyboard backlight.

The author said that the idea of a new version of "Snake" came to him when his old keyboard broke. His new Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid-I had backlight, which gave impetus to this development.

It is to be recalled that Samsung has developed a computer mouse, allowing performing actions without hands – all the functions are performed by moving the eyes of the user. This will help people with disabilities to move the mouse, view images or open different tabs.

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