Camera capturing what human eye can not recognize

Due to the high speed of the lens, the new camera Vela One can "catch" even a bullet in the air.

Camera capturing what human eye can not recognize

Usually taking a photo of an object especially of the one moving very quickly with an ordinary camera does not bring the desired results. As a result, the picture is blurry.

But now there"s a new gadget that allows amateurs to make actually professional pictures in motion.

The new camera Vela One uses strobe lights to "catch" the right moment. Earlier this accuracy was able to reach only with the help of expensive photosystems, but Vela Labs claims that these images can now be taken with an ordinary camera.

"At that speed, you can see things that are just impossible for the human eye to recognize," said the founder of Vela Labs Matthew Kane.

The market price of such a device is $ 780.

It is to be recalled that recently there was presented a more functional and convenient alternative to the computer mouse. According to its creators, Flow controller is more convenient for the human hand than a mouse or other devices.

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