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Microsoft does not recognize annexation of Crimea

Microsoft Corporation does not recognize annexation of the peninsula, the Crimean and Russian media reports.

Microsoft Corporation has denied the information on the recognition of Crimea as a subject of the Russian Federation previously spread by some Crimean and Russian media.

"The information about Microsoft allegedly sending letters about the need to relicense the previously purchased software is not true. In the company's practices, there is no term "relicensing", the corporation explains. "The letter the publication is referred to is a standard notice of the most profitable ways of legalization of pirated products. Such letters are sent to all the countries where the company operates."

A few days ago the Kryminform news agency informed its readers about Microsoft's recognition of Crimean annexation. The enterprise on the peninsula received Microsoft's notification of the need to license the software. This message was immediately received as recognition of Crimea as a part of the Russian Federation.

Recently, the Russian media reported that by the end of 2014 the Russian State Duma was planning to approve the amendments to the law "On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development" and "On Communications", according to which Internet content filtering at the level of providers will become a mandatory action.