NASA shows color image of black hole

NASA vividly showed a black hole in action.

NASA shows color image of black hole

On the official website of NASA, there is an image of a black hole. One can see the whirls of gas flying around and gradually inflowing into the center of a black hole. Nothing can get out from its gravity, even the sunlight.

As scientists note, black holes can be of various sizes. Microscopic ones have the size of an atom in diameter, and there are huge ones, which are in the center of galaxies.

But at the same time, even the smallest black holes have the weight of a mountain. Heaviness is a feature of these space objects. Despite the fact that they are in the compressed state and take a small area of space. Gravitational force of this object does not let even photons of light to pass through it.

It is to be recalled that due to the 50th anniversary of the first successful NASA's Mars study mission, the Space Agency sent about 90 thousand radio messages in the name of inhabitants of the Earth to the Red Planet. It was the first time in history, when messages of the earthlings were transferred to Mars by radio.

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