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Curiosity discovers traces of lake, where life could develop

Mars attracts researchers by a number of puzzles that is justified a regular flow of new and interesting data from this planet. Curiosity Mars rover sent new pictures proving that once there were lakes on Mars.

Curiosity discovers traces of lake, where life could develop

Curiosity spacecraft sent the new data from the surface of the Red Planet, proving the existence of lakes on Mars.

The pictures of Mount Sharp of almost 5 kilometers height show that it was formed from sedimentary rocks inside huge Gale crater. Accordingly, this crater was once filled with water.

According to a leading NASA specialist Michael Meyer, the lake was quite big and there is a reason to believe that life could develop there.

Other experts do not exclude the existence of life on Mars. "If our hypothesis for Mount Sharp holds up, it challenges the notion that warm and wet conditions were transient, local, or only underground on Mars," says Ashwin Vasavada, Curiosity deputy project scientist at NASA"s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

According to scientists, recent warming on the planet ended about 3.5 billion years ago. That is, much earlier than it was thought until today. This means that the Martian lake existed longer. The researchers are trying to find out the causes of the lake drying-out.

Mars rover Curiosity mission began August 6, 2012. This NASA's project is a sufficient mobile laboratory aimed to study the soil and atmosphere of Mars.

The other day, there was launched reusable Orion spaceship, designed for manned missions to the Moon and Mars, and Indian scientists are working on the organization of the second research mission to Mars.

Earlier in one of the pictures ufologists saw a huge face with lips stretched into a smile. The find resembled a smiley.