Golden bicycle with diamonds for luxury lovers

British designers have released a new model of a bicycle, for the construction of which they used gold and precious metals.

The British company Goldgenie has designed a bike with the surface completely covered with 24-carat gold, reports with reference to the press service of the company. The vehicle was manufactured on the basis of race male model. The price of the most expensive gold bike is 250 thousand pounds (about 400 thousand dollars).

Golden bicycle with diamonds for luxury lovers All its parts are plated with gold, including each of the links in the chain. The saddle is covered with soft suede of San Marco limited edition, the bike is framed with diamonds. There is additional decoration of handlebar and saddle with leather or precious stones available.

Goldgenie engaged in manufacturing exclusive gifts, decorated with gold and precious stones. Among the manufactured goods of the company there are gold flower-shaped brooches, sculptures and cell phones covered with precious metals.

Such bikes have been already produced by other manufacturers. Usually, these two-wheeled vehicles with precious metal cost tens of thousands of dollars. In 2009, the Swedish company Aurumania has released 10 bikes decorated with gold and adorned with 600 Swarovski crystals. The price of this bike is about 90 thousand dollars.

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