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How U.S. Navy tested spy fish

On the Internet there appeared the video of the first test of the U.S. Navy underwater spy robot.

The robot fish is called "Ghost Swimmer." Previously, the creators of the project called it "Silent Nemo" and even "RoboTuna."

How U.S. Navy tested spy fish

The tests took place in the United States under the guidance of the Navy engineers on December 11 off the coast of Virginia. It is known that the robot fish is designed for underwater intelligence. The total project cost is about $ 1 million.

The device's length is 1.5 m, while it is 45 kg weight. The new device is capable of imitating the behavior of the fish, making sharp turns and swimming naturally quietly.

This model is able to gain about 75 km per hour. Such indicators make the robot fish indispensable tool for intelligence in protected waters. In particular, the robot fish can be useful for goods delivery and minesweeping.