“Smart” patch for muscle and joint pain

Scientists from Saudi Arabia have developed a patch that will save money of athletes and arthritis sufferers.

"Smart" patch for muscle and joint pain

In Saudi Arabia, a team of researchers headed by Muhammad Mustafa Hussain at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology has developed an electronic skin patch that can provide heat for relief of pain.

According to Advanced Healthcare Materials, in the first place, this nanopatch will be useful both for health and for the wallet for many athletes and people with arthritis. On the patch there can be installed the required comfort temperature and a number of other parameters with the help of a special application on your phone.

The scientists headed by Muhammad Hussain said that their development consists of expandable flexible copper springs which are interconnected by small pads. The invention has been already tested on humans.

Although, this patch needs to be improved, as it needs more flexible components and more powerful battery, as long as this one is enough only for a few hours of intensive continuous use.

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