Microsoft develops text input technology using eyes

The official website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office published data on the next Microsoft patent.

Microsoft develops text input technology using eyes

The document published on the website of the Office describes the Microsoft technology for computer text input using eyes. All the user needs is to focus his eyes on the required letters. The task of the system is to recognize the letters and type them.

The words will be typed letter by letter the user is looking at. It is enough to look at the word and it will be typed. By the example of a search window the patent drawings describe the user's interaction not only with the virtual keyboard but also with the interface elements.

Now the experts think where they could apply this technology. Most likely, it will be vital for the disabled people who can not control the mouse and keyboard by hand. In addition, the patent involves the creation of smart glasses, with the help of which one can text using this technology.

It is to be recalled that today Google Glass execute the command just after spelling it and it looks very strange, especially when viewed from the side. Smart glasses by Microsoft will look much more attractive.

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