German builds a house out of plastic bottles

Plastic bottles have become the main material for building a house in Germany.

German builds a house out of plastic bottles

Andreas Froes, a German eco-technology founder, has decided to use an unusual material – plastic bottles for construction. More than 50 environmental projects in Colombia, Honduras, and Bolivia have been already created by his technology.

According to the concept of the innovator, the process of building a house out of plastic bottles involves several stages.

Preparing building material. A small house needs a few thousand bottles and plenty of sand. Each bottle is filled with sand or other granular material, and then put in cement grout and tied with a twine.

The next step is to create the foundation. To do this, dig a hole, which will be packed with filled bottles.

The construction of columns is as follows – lay the bottles in a circle with stoppers to the center, the space between the bottles is filled with a mixture of cement, concrete, bricks and other building materials, which comes handy.

Strap all bottle necks with a rope, creating some kind of a grid. It is important that the neighboring bottle stoppers come in contact with each other. The fittings are set in the center of the columns.

The next step it to lay water and gas pipes, construct and install the roof and do wall decoration with the help of plaster, filler and paint.

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