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New mind-blowing Microsoft app: How old are you?

Who would have thought that age guessing will be so absorbing?

Microsoft's machine-learning team has created a website defining the age of a person. It seems there is nothing special and extraordinary about their creation. Meanwhile, it has become popular all over the world in a few hours, TechCrunch reports.

According to the team, they were not expecting such a success, but within hours, it was already getting hammered by tens of thousands of people.

The concept is simple. You upload a photo and the website defines the age of the people on it online.

You can upload any photo under 3 MB, which has people trying out all sorts of silly stuff. How old does your dog look? Or that weird stain on your wall that kind of looks like a face? 37? Okay!

Give it a few well-lit photos, and it'll generally get your age right within a year or two.

You can try it out here. Enjoy!