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Apple receives patent on social network

Apple intends to create social network for lifestyle-based social groups.

United States Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application by Apple. According to it, the company intends to create a social network for iOS users.

The patented application is titled "Lifestyle-Based Social Groups." It will work as follows. The device defines the user's scheme of movement. Then, knowing the history of the user's activity it can determine the way of life or category of the locations the user visits.

Using these data, the application proposes to create a social group based on the lifestyle of the user or on certain locations, and invite people with similar interests or those, who visit the same locations. Thus, the social group is transformed into a specialized social network. The app does not require the user do create the group, it can also be anonymous.

The participants will be able to exchange instant messages, arrange meetings, and share necessary information.

The patent application was filed in the fourth quarter of 2013. Lukas Marti, Shannon Ma and Michael Dal Santo are identified as inventors.