Britons create portable bike

The Kickstarter fundraising platform prematurely completes the campaign for the launch of the most lightweight and compact electric bike in the world.

A vehicle weighting only 12 kg provides a cruising range of 25 kilometers. Brushless motor and quick charge 24V battery allows the A-Bike Electric to accelerate up to 20 km / h.

The original concept of the A-Bike was designed by a British inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, and his enterprising compatriots equipped the invention with motor drive.

The telescopic design of the A-Bike Electric can be assembled in less than 10 seconds.


Sir Clive Sinclair himself calls A-Bike a perfect means of transportation on suburban routes. He is hoping that this light and compact vehicle will change people’s attitude to the bike.

The fundraising platform expected to attract about $ 62 thousand for the launch of the A-Bike, however, three weeks before the end of the term it was already a success.

On the Kickstarter website the electric bike A-Bike Electric is offered for about $ 700. At retail after the launch this portable bike will cost $ 1089.

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