Netherlands to build plastic roads

The Netherlands can become the first country in the world to have plastic roads and pedestrian walkways made of recycled plastic bottles, Joinfo.com reports referring to NBC News.

The city of Rotterdam is considering the relevant pilot project that can be implemented by the VolkerWessels company. According to the creators, such canvas is safer than usual asphalt, withstands critical temperatures better (-40 ° C to 80 ° C) and requires less maintenance.

Another advantage of this technology is the speed of laying down the roads. It is three times higher than in the case of asphalt. The material has also ecological benefits, although it is unclear how “clean” the recycling of plastic bottles itself will be.

As it can be seen from the image, the design allows to lay different cables within the road “modules”. At this stage all this is only a draft. The creators claim they will be able to create the first road within three years.

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