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3D-printed individual dental prosthesis created in Israel

Scientists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, developed a technology that reduces the production of a dental prosthesis to one hour. It should be noticed that usually, the traditional method of manufacturing a dental prosthesis takes about one month.

In the heart of this new technological solution is the HoloDent system – a three-dimensional scanner, which creates an absolutely accurate three-dimensional image of the oral cavity. On the basis of the image the computer automatically builds a model of a dental prosthesis for any jaw.

Dentists no longer need to use plastic material to create a cast. All is needed to get a quality image is to place a miniature camera into the patient’s mouth. No other material is required.

Researchers note that if 3D-printer is involved in the process, the production of prostheses will be reduced even more. After scan the mouth a doctor will be able to start the installation of artificial tooth just in a few minutes.