NASA created self-healing material

self-healing material
NASA invented a new material with the self-healing ability in just two seconds

The process begins when one or both of the polymer layers were punctured. Oxygen mixes with an ingredient found inside the gel called tributylborane. The research has been published in the journal ACS Macro Letters.

This creates a reaction which causes the liquid centre to solidify and heal the wound.

“Within seconds of coming into contact with the atmosphere, it goes from a liquid to a solid,” researchers told.

While NASA might not be able to recreate the Terminator just yet, the discovery could have applications for everything from repairing spaceships to creating ‘self-healing’ military equipment.

While more work is needed to further test its applications, the material is already being boasted as a possible solution to fix holes on damaged spacecrafts.

In addition to saving astronauts from the possibility of deadly situations, the material could also be used by the military for aircrafts or tankers.

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