Android app for adults takes photo and demands $ 500 ransom

Here is an interesting news, of which you will know that Android-app Adult Player to view adult content pictures of the user, and after blocking the smartphone and demands a ransom.

The plan of this Android app for adults is simple: a person takes a photo, then the app locks the sceen demanding $ 500 to unlock it, like a virus on computers, Joinfo reported referring to specialists at Zscaler.

The Adult Player Android app masquerades as an app for adults, but once installed, when it is opened, it secretly takes photos of users with the phone’s front-facing camera, according to security firm Zscaler.

Once the photographs are taken, the malware then locks the user’s device, threatening to either expose the user and reveal privacy information, or to completely wipe the device of all its contents. If the user wants to keep their information and data safe, he or she must agree to pay a ransom of $500 (£330) via PayPal immediately on the smartphone.

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