World premiere: Porsche presents electrically powered Mission E

The latest innovation of the Porsche company will be a huge competition for Tesla Model S.

Porsche has presented a 4-seat electric supercar at the International Motor Show IAA in Frankfurt, reports with reference to the official website of Porsche.

The sports car, which the press has already named the main rival for Tesla Model S, has the ability to travel up to 500 kilometers without recharging.

Porsche Mission E, which is equipped with two electric motors producing about 600 hp, can gain speed up to 200 km/h in 12 seconds.


For the first time Porsche is introducing innovative 800-volt technology. Doubling the voltage – compared to today’s electric vehicles that operate at 400 volts – offers multiple advantages: shorter charging times and lower weight, because lighter, smaller gage copper cables are sufficient for energy transport, the website writes.

A moveable body segment on the front left wing in front of the driver’s door gives access to the charging port for the innovative “Porsche Turbo Charging” system. Via the 800-volt port, the battery can be charged to approximately 80 per cent of its capacity in around 15 minutes – a record time for electric vehicles.


At the usual place for all mirrors are cameras that transmit images on the screens. The main information appears on the OLED display. Also, the car is equipped with a control system working with the help of gestures.


The body of the Mission E supercar is made of aluminum, steel and carbon fibre reinforced polymer. The wheels are made of carbon: the Mission E has wide tyres mounted on 21-inch wheels in front and 22-inch wheels at the rear.

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