China invented the world’s first 3D-printer for blood vessels

China invented the world's first 3D-printer for blood vessels

Chinese scientists of Sichuan Revotek Co. Ltd., located in provincial capital Chengdu, have announced that they invented the world’s first 3D-bioprinter for blood vessels. It is a great step further for the creation of functional human organs, because the artificial organs may finally get a blood supply, Joinfo.ua reports with the reference to CCTV.

3-D printing is gaining traction in more and more industries, from the production of chocolates to the construction of houses. And scientists from Sichuan province in southwest China have announced they have completed an even more challenging mission.
The breakthrough, scientists say, is to realize the regeneration of blood vessels. Its bio-ink box transports nutrients and stem cells for the tubes.

“It contains stem cells, with an environment we create for them. So the cells could split up into the ones we need. We print multiple layers of cells; each layer has different cells that we can control,” said Kang Yujian, chief scientist of Sichuan Revotek Co. Ltd.
To keep the cells active, their environment and temperature are regulated during the printing process.
“Its significant because we solved the issue of supplying nutrients and other active materials. The method also applies to the printing of kidneys and livers,” – said Dai Kerong, fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

“The blood vessel pulses with a heartbeat, it will not be blocked, it repairs itself after rupture, ” – Dai said.

The edition sais also, that there is a great demand for this technology. Only in China 300,000 patients are in desperate need of organ transplants, of which only three percent get a donation.

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