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Want to track aliens? A new project helps ordinary people to scour the skies

A group of scientists came up with an incredible project that can help ordinary people to track an extraterrestrial life and aliens

A team of Canadian developers offers a unique opportunity to track extraterrestrial encounters. The main peculiarity of the offer is that you can get your own satellite to track aliens, Joinfo.com reports with the reference to The Daily Mail.

Their device, called the CubeSat for Disclosure, is a low-Earth orbit satellite which uses ionized radiation, cameras, and radar to capture data.

With enough funds, which the team is hoping to gain through its Indiegogo campaign, the CubeSat will be able to ‘concretely verify objects in space.’

Contributors of $100 or more to the campaign will have instant access to the CubeSat data, and $500 will earn you the ability to give commands, like ‘take a picture,’ to the satellite.

For $10,000, campaign backers will get an additional Cube added to the launch, and will be able to control it.

Software engineer Dave Cote developed the idea alongside other researchers in hopes to bring full disclosure to individuals, on the topic of extraterrestrial intelligence and UFOs.

‘Despite many sightings and events, government, military and media have made a strong attempt to discredit the idea of extraterrestrial ‘aliens,’ says the Indiegogo page.

As reported earlier, a unique image, which has been published by NASA, was taken 2010 from Mars Opportunity rover. ‘It looks like a ‘Face of God’, said foreign madia.