Scientists create a first robot which could replace firefighters

A team of engineers from Italy have developed a humanoid robot which was designed for rescue situations too dangerous for human

A new creature, which was developed by engineers from Italy, can deal with dangerous situations and operate human tools, reports with the reference to the Daily Mail.

It is believed that the Walk-Man (a name of the machine) could replace firefighters, soldiers and bomb disposal experts.

Engineers hope their Walk-Man robot will prove a more effective design for search and rescue situations where it’s too dangerous for humans to venture.

Researchers say in the future Walk-Man could be sent in the place of people such as bomb disposal experts, soldiers and firefighters.
The Italian Institute of Technology and University of Pisa have been working on this humanoid since 2013 and created the first prototype for the DARPA Robotics challenge finals in June.


‘There’s one factor that everyone agrees, that actually our world, our environment it was designed for our body basically,’ Nikos Tsagarakis lead researcher of the project told Reuters.

‘So, we have tools that are designed to be grasped by humanoid, human hands. You have also areas or access paths that are actually appropriate for our body forms.’

‘So it means that if you build a robot that has a very similar form, you need to adapt less the environment in order to have this robot operational within such a space.’

As reported earlier, a terrifying video have shown how robots learn to disobey human.

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