Virtual space offers solid solutions

Virtual space offers solid solutions
Collaboration is no longer just a buzzword—it's a way of life for everything from indie startups to multinational conglomerates. The web has revolutionized the idea of working together; between the expansion of broadband and the explosion of cloud computing, it's now as easy to work with someone who’s across the globe as it is with a person who's in the next cubicle. Success comes down to being able to find the right tools and the right people—and fast-growing startup Konstruktor is helping individuals and businesses do just that

Creative Environment is a virtual space that gives users nearly unlimited possibilities. All kinds of tools for productivity and collaboration—including data storage, instant messaging, publishing, project management, and creative rights management—are built in, and Konstruktor continues to add new solutions and features. Up next? Options that help simplify funding projects.

This all-in-one nature gives Creative Environment incredible flexibility: It’s an ideal solution for an individual looking to put together an ad hoc team for a single project or a brand-new startup, but this virtual space is also perfect for established firms that need employees to collaborate across departments or even across continents. It’s no surprise that as Creative Environment expands, Konstruktor itself is quickly growing. Based in California, the firm has offices on three continents.

Creative Environment isn’t just for business, however—its features can help anyone stay organized and be more productive. Calendar functionality with a vertical timeline lets you easily view events by day, month, or year and keep track of tasks and to-do’s for all of your projects (both personal and professional) in one spot. You can also keep tabs on contacts you make through Creative Environment, whether it’s people you’re currently working with or users who might be the right fit for your next project.


Creative Environment users can easily adjust what information is shared within their profiles, letting others know their availability for freelance gigs or longer-term jobs. One aspect that makes Creative Environment stand out is the ability to rate the work of other users and teams. The ratings system provides a shortcut helping individuals and businesses find the right people for their projects.

Konstruktor provides Creative Environment users with access to an extensive IT infrastructure, with support plans that can fit the needs of everything from one-off projects to large businesses. Being able to access help at the touch of a button saves time, cuts costs, and reduces risk—and users can be sure they’re getting trustworthy IT service for a low monthly fee.

“Using Creative Environment, you can see all of your life events and everything that is associated with you, and choose who you want to work with to form a group for any kind of business or leisure activity,” explains Konstruktor CEO Vlad Krishtop. “It’s creative freedom for users of any age or occupation.” Ready to fulfill your creative dreams? Head to

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