Watch Tesla autopilot predicting car accident

Watch Tesla autopilot predicting car accident
A video from the dashboard camera filmed as the Tesla car spots a car crash coming, gives a warning signal and brakes prior to it happening.

Tesla continues to show the world what it could do with another astonishing feature that allows it to spot a car crash before it even happens. The new footage went viral where the said design saw a two-car crash prior to it happening, thanks to the autopilot technology. Apart from the warning, the program was said to have commandeered the vehicle to avoid the impending danger of ever getting to the driver, according to Mobile&Apps.

Recent reports from Electrek showed how the Forward Collision Warning on the Tesla vehicle beeped to warn the driver, then the emergency braking system activated from there. In the clip, the vehicle in front of the Tesla car bumped straight into an SUV, plummeting the car until it came to a halt.

Hans Noorsdij showed on his Twitter post how impressive the Tesla was to both predict a crash and to see how it would be if vehicles were to collide. Even more admirable was how the Tesla car did not hesitate to hit the brake before the driver could even initiate doing so. As for the company’s feedback, it spoke on what this could mean for the future of the feature.


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