Because I’m worth it? L’Oreal launches smart hairbrush for $200

Because I'm worth it? L'Oreal launches smart hairbrush for $200

That is what L’Oreal and Withings must have thought when they launched their Kérastase Hair Coach.

For $200 (192 euros) you can have a hairbrush that collects information about your hair care daily routine and the mobile app analyzes the data. Then it tells you how well you care for your hair and what you can do even better: just what we (do not) needed.

According to L’Oreal, sensors of the hairbrush analyze “the quality of hair and monitor the effects of different hair care routines. An accompanying mobile app provides additional insights and customized product recommendations to help people better care for their hair.”

The hairbrush monitors the quality of your hair, whether it is dry or damaged. The brush also keeps track of how often, how hard and how well you comb your hair and scores it afterward.

The Hair Coach app also sets a daily goal and provides recommendations to improve your hair care. The application can also recommend what products you can use to ensure that your hair will get a better score. The products are of course all provided by Kérastase, a beauty line of L’Oreal.

The product will be introduced at CES 2017.

If you think your hair is worth it, you can buy the brush in mid-2017.

Image: L’Oreal.

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