2019 iPhones are rumored to have beautiful new screens

2019 iPhones are rumored to have beautiful new screens

That could include the two regular “S” models of the iPhone 7, as well as a brand new third option, which is said to be an “ultra-premium” and more expensive model with a fresh design and special features, one of which is claimed to be an “OLED display”, according to Tech Insider.

Indeed, Japanese news site Nikkei recently claimed with confidence that Apple’s third “ultra-premium” model would come with an OLED display.

But when will those fancy new screens become the norm? The latest iPhone rumor suggests that all the iPhones that Apple will release in 2019 will have OLED displays, according to Korean news site TheBell citing sources in Apple’s supply chain.

iPhones with OLED screens are an exciting prospect. For one, OLED screens display richer colors, better contrast, and better brightness than LCD screens to make anything on the screen look very good.

Secondly, OLED screens are also more power-efficient than their LCD counterparts, which could lead to better battery life. That’s because OLED screens actually turn off parts of the screen that are displaying the color black, whereas LCD screens are always on, even when displaying the color back.

The good news for iPhone fans is that they won’t have to shell out as much cash for an OLED iPhone in 2019.

Meanwhile, Samsung and other Android smartphone fans will have enjoyed some form of OLED displays for quite some time now. The first Galaxy S smartphone, for example, which was released in 2010, had a Super AMOLED display.

Remember to refrain from taking these rumors as fact. Every detail about the upcoming iPhones are only rumors so far. We’ll only know the details when Apple announces its iPhone during its event in September, and as for the 2019 iPhone lineup, we’re still two years away.

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