Robot police officers will soon replace humans in Dubai

Robot police officers will soon replace humans in Dubai
The first robot officer will go on patrol in Dubai by May this year, officials have confirmed.

People will be able to report crimes to the robot using a touchscreen on its chest, reports with reference to Daily Express.

The robot, in the wealthy United Arab Emirates city, can salute and shake hands.

It will be multilingual, with members of the public able to pay traffic fines through the machine and submit paperwork.

There are plans for the machines to make up 25 per cent of the force by 2030.

Brigadier Abdullah Bin Sultan, Director of the Future Shaping Centre of Dubai Police, said: “We are looking to have more robots in future to handle policing.

“By 2030, we are keen to make robots around 25 percent of the total police force.

“We planned for a security system for the future of the city to tackle future crimes. By 2025, Dubai will be one of the best five cities in the world on security level.”

Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razouqi, General Director of the Smart Services Department at Dubai Police, told Gulf News: “We are looking to make everything smart in Dubai Police.

“By 2030, we will have the first smart police station which won’t require human employees.

“We are aiming to implement many smart police mechanisms, including the smart police station and robots, and adopt artificial intelligence.”

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Dubai Police first unveiled the robocop prototype at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition last year.

One of the robots featured cameras able to detect humans and objects, with anything suspicious reported to real-life officers.

It was also fitted with a smoke detector to report fires and returned automatically to its charging station with a battery life of eight hours.

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