This smart Bluetooth speaker is also a salt shaker

This smart Bluetooth speaker is also a salt shaker

Smalt pairs a music player, mood lighting, centerpiece and flavor enhancer into one gadget. Right now, it’s just a concept, so you can’t buy one yet, according to Mashable.

On the device’s website, it’s pegged more as a smart centerpiece that happens to have a salt dispenser. And a Bluetooth connection to your phone to play music. And a rainbow of light colors to “create the ambience that’s right for the night.”


The device hopes to be on Indiegogo by June 15 to raise money for its launch, but in the meantime enjoy the idea of the “first multi-sensory device to make dining experience fun.” We asked how much the smart shaker will go for, but CEO Bipan Singh said a pricing study is still under way.

The company’s blog includes a few articles about the longtime practice of using centerpieces to decorate the home and innovations in kitchen technology — the perfect blend of tradition and the future.

Just like this souped-up salt shaker.

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