United States showed video of air strikes against Islamic State in Syria

The American military released a video of air strikes against the positions of Islamic State (IS) militant group in Syria.

According to BBC, the record shows air strikes of the USAF and their allies on the Syrian oil refinery, controlled by militants.

The record of air strikes on refineries is promulgated by the Central Command of the United States Armed Forces on Twitter. According to BBC, it is the third day of bombing. In addition, on Twitter the Pentagon released photos of the refinery in Gbibe before and after the bombing.

In the bombing of IS positions there are involved the military of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 12 refineries the militants could make a profit of, were the target of the last raids. Since August, the USAF carried out 200 air strikes on militants in Iraq. And this week they began to conduct air strikes on Islamist objects of Syria.

According to American estimates, IS may get up to 1 million dollars a day from the sale of crude oil and refined products on the black market, including at the border with Turkey. The AP Agency, referring to the American intelligence service, named more impressive number – three million dollars a day.

In recent days, the American officials have repeatedly stressed that the elimination of the sources of financing of the Islamists is a key component of the strategy to combat IS in Iraq and Syria. However, during the bombings thee are killed not only the militants, but the civilians. On Thursday night in Syria because of the air strikes of the United States and its allies, there were killed at least 14 militants and 5 Syrian civilians.

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