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San Francisco faces devastating earthquake

One of the most populous cities in the United States is threatened by a huge devastating earthquake that may occur in the near future. Experts warn that on the territory of San Francisco there are several potential epicenters of earthquakes ready to shake.

San Francisco faces devastating earthquake

On the territory of the San Andreas Fault, there are four points that have enough power to shake up California at the moment. According to the latest estimates, any quake in the area would have enormous consequences. This can turn into a real problem for the five million citizens of San Francisco.

Experts also estimated that the future earthquake would be not less than 7 points on the Richter scale, and therefore, even the neighboring territories can suffer.

The last time an earthquake of such a magnitude happened in San Francisco in April 1906 and reached 7.8 points. About 3 thousand people died, about 80% of the city was destroyed.

The researchers hope that the preliminary estimates will help the state to avoid such casualties in the future.