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United States successfully cured patient from Ebola

Deadly Ebola left the American patient. Now the man is completely healthy, but refused to give his name.

United States successfully cured patient from Ebola

In the United States, another patient has cured from the Ebola virus. The man wished to remain anonymous. He left the medical center and no longer poses a hazard to others.

The doctors from Medical Center of Emory University, in Atlanta, Georgia have successfully treated a patient who had been infected with a deadly virus. It was stated by representatives of the medical institution, speaking with an official statement.

September 9, the patient discovered the Ebola virus. When he came to the medical center his symptoms were initially dubious, but after analyzing, the disease was confirmed. Information about the country and the source of infection is not provided.

It is to be recalled that the Spanish nurse has also cured from Ebola. She contracted the virus during the treatment of the priest, who had returned from the affected areas in West Africa.

Along with this, the World Health Organization also announced positive news. According to the organization, Nigeria managed to win the fever. During the last six weeks, there were no new cases of infection in the country.