Man paralyzed after ride on roller coaster

Two and a half minutes of riding on a roller coaster made ??58-year-old Robert Sycamore dependent on life-supporting appliances. Doctors say the man may be paralyzed for life.

Man paralyzed after ride on roller coaster

The American attraction can not be called innocuous. For 58-year-old Robert Sycamore it did not end up only with a startle. A man came to the amusement park with his 13-year-old nephew.

When the ride stopped, the employees of the park had to call an ambulance. Robert was on the floor instead of sitting in the truck, as it should be. The man had a broken neck. Now it is being figured out how it happened, but the nephew says his uncle slipped from his seat while riding and the boy started screaming. But on such an attraction adrenaline overwhelms and a scream is the usual thing.

When the physicians arrived, they were surprised that the man was still alive. Now Robert is connected to life-supporting devices that support the work of his heart and lungs. As it turned out in the hospital, Sycamore suffered from inflammation of the vertebrae, but the emergency service can not say whether it could somehow cause the tragedy.

The roller coaster Robert was riding was built in 1935. Its design is unique by the fact that it is advantageously made of wood. The velocity of the roller coaster reaches 80 miles per hour.

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