Obama denies U.S. involvement in Hong Kong protests

U.S. President Barack Obama said that his country was not involved in organizing protests and blocking the business center of Hong Kong.

Obama denies US involvement in Hong Kong protests

"I was unequivocal in saying to President Xi that the United States has no involvement in fostering the protest that took place there," Obama said at a press conference in Beijing.

Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping said that Beijing fully supports the efforts of the Hong Kong administration to maintain public order. He considers the demonstrators" actions illegal. The Chinese leader said that the events in Hong Kong are internal affairs of the country and urged other countries not to intervene, reports AP.

Earlier, on October 20, the head of the Hong Kong administration blamed the "external forces" in participating in the protests. Commenting on the words of Beijing's representatives about the "external forces", the head of the administration of Hong Kong said, "It is obvious that it (in protests) is involving people and organizations outside Hong Kong." According to Liang Chzhenin, these activists came from the "foreign states located in different regions of the world". He did not specify which countries he was referring to.

Secretary-General of the Hong Kong Federation of Students Alex Chow immediately refuted Chzhenin"s words, saying that he just made it up. According to Chow, putting forward such charges, the head of administration should provide evidence.

It is to be recalled that the pro-democracy protesters have been blocking the streets of Hong Kong since September 28.

The main demands of the protesters is the resignation of the head of the Hong Kong administration Liang Chzhenin.

October 22 the first direct meeting between the leadership of the Special Administrative Region of China Hong Kong with the students – the activists of the "Occupy Central" movement took place. But it did not bring any results.

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