China and the U.S. agree on military cooperation

China and the United States have made significant progress in the negotiations on military cooperation.

China and the US agree on military cooperation It is known that the countries agreed on strengthening and developing cooperation in the military sphere, reports.

According to the latest information, at the APEC Summit the U.S. president Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping agreed on making new agreements.

"China and the U.S. have reached new agreements developed to prevent military conflicts in Asia. One of the agreements concerns the notification of main activities, in particular the military exercises. Another one refers to the rules of conduct regarding military meetings in China and the U.S. both in the sea and in the air," the foreign press notes.

On this occasion, the Chinese Ministry of Defence has stated that agreements reached are important in strengthening the Sino-US strategic trust, as well as show building a new type of military relations.

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