New York City police will not arrest for a joint

It is expected that the new rule would "improve relationship" between the public and the police.

New York City police will not arrest for a joint

NYPD will stop arresting people who have a small amount of marijuana. It is reported by Reuters with reference to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

As reported, last year, the New York City police detained about 29 thousand men for marijuana possession. At the same time, the vast majority of detainees (85%) were African American and Hispanics.

According to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, the rejection of the arrests would "impove relationships" between the public and the police.

Now the police officers who stop a resident with marijuana up to 25 grams, can not take him into custody and hold fingerprints, however, as before, they will be able to issue a subpoena. The new requirement, however, does not apply to people who use marijuana in public places, and they still face criminal punishment. According to Bratton, the best thing to do is just not to smoke cannabis. Meanwhile, de Blasio said that the decision on arrest would be made by an officer basing on the situation.

In the State of New York, marijuana was legalized this summer. It is referred only to the medical use of cannabis.

It is to be recalled that November 5, the residents of the city of Washington, Alaska and Oregon have voted for the legalization of marijuana.

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