Leading U.S. channels don’t air Obama’s speech

Great scandal broke in the American media space. Three leading TV companies of America refused to air the U.S. president speaking live and showed talk show and popular TV series instead of his speech.

Leading US channels don"t air Obama"s speech

According to the media, CBS, NBC, and ABC refused to broadcast the speech of Barack Obama. Instead of President's address to the nation in which Obama spoke about the main points of immigration reform, the leading TV channels showed the well-known American show "The Big Bang Theory" and another favorite series of the Americans "Grey's Anatomy". At the same time, such channels as Fox News, CNN, PBC, as well as Univision and Telemundo Hispanic traditionally showed the president's speech live.

According to local traditions, central TV companies of America necessarily show live president's speeches, when he is talking about national security or other important issues for the country. TV station owners or editorial board can cancel the broadcast, if they consider the speech of the president politically engaged, not interesting or irrelevant to the audience.

Refusal to broadcast Obama's speech has caused a wide resonance in the American media space. Many experts have expressed their concern about this approach to coverage of events.

By the way, in his speech Obama spoke about the reforms in the country's migration policy regarding 5 million migrants. It is to be recalled that the U.S. President signed a new law on the legalization of immigrants in America.

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