U.S. increase weapon supply for Ukraine

U.S. intends to increase arms supplies for Ukraine, foreign press reports.

US increase weapon supply for Ukraine

It is referred to the supply of radars that are very useful in detecting the location of enemy's mortars, as well as armored Humvees. According to the foreign press, supplied arms will help Ukrainian soldiers to confront militants in Donbas, but will have little impact on the conflict, writes.

November 25, during the visit of Joe Biden, the U.S. vice president to Kiev it could be announced to increase the supply of weapons. Biden will represent the U.S. aid.

In September, there were announced earlier deliveries, which included binoculars, mortar detecting devices, small boats and vests. The cost was estimated at $ 53 million.

Earlier, it was reported that U.S. senators once again called on Barack Obama to give Ukraine lethal weapon that will help Ukrainian soldiers to confront the militants of Donbas. Thus, according to U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, now U.S. aid for Ukraine is not effective, because it includes an embargo on the supply of necessary weapons for the victims of aggression.

In September, during his visit to the United States, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko also expressed the need to provide Ukraine with military weapons to fight the terrorists of Donbas.

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