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Riots in U.S. because justification of police officer shooting child

Riot broke out in the United States because the policeman who shot dead a black teen was acquitted.

Riots in US because justification of police officer shooting child

In the United States, riots broke out due to the jury acquitting a policeman who shot dead a child in Ferguson. 18-year-old black teenager Michael Brown was shot by a representative of law enforcement Darren Wilson.

The prosecutor in the case said that full investigation of the incident was conducted. According to him, after the jury studied all the material, it was decided not to indict the policeman any charges.

After the court announced the verdict of the jury, some people on the street, who were expecting the decision, began to cry. The activists disagreeing with it shouted "No justice, no peace!"

After that, the protesters started throwing stones at the police officers, one police car was completely crushed. In response to the riots there was used tear gas, three armored car arrived to the place. One elderly woman suffered a heart attack.

In addition, some groups of protesters began to smash shops. Dissatisfied citizens attacked the shop from which cigarettes were stolen before the murder of Brown. According to the CNN correspondent, people were taking drinks out of this shop and no one prevented them.

At the same time, U.S. President Barack Obama urged to respect the court's decision. It was stated on the website of the White House.

It is to be recalled that August 9 in Ferguson the police officer Darren Wilson shot dead a teenage Michael Brown, who was unarmed. Witnesses reported that before this they had a dispute. Wilson was shooting Brown, without stopping, despite the fact that the guy raised his hands. According to police, Brown himself attacked Wilson.

Protests concerning this case are held in 120 U.S. cities. In most of the cities, protests were held peacefully. According to police, in Chicago, about 200 people gathered. Some of them had weapons, but no clashes were reported.