U.S. protests sweep 11 cities

The protests, which began in Ferguson, reached out to other U.S. states. According to the latest BBC information, people have rebelled in eleven cities.

US protests sweep 11 cities

As it is well known, the popular revolt in Ferguson, Missouri, broke due to acquitting white police officer who shot a black teen. The police officer himself said, "I know I did my job right," reports.

On Tuesday there was increased the number of National Guard troops after a night of arson, looting and fury. Demonstrators showed that the week of preparation for the decision of the Grand Jury failed to prevent the violence.

According to the latest information, the protests were reported in the city of St. Louis and Seattle, Albuquerque, New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Oakland, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Portland and Chicago.

In Oakland, near San Francisco Bay, the rebels smashed police cars and buildings in the downtown.

At the same time, speaking in Chicago Barack Obama said that "there was no justification" for destructive behavior and criminal acts during the protests. He also added that the perpetrators must be brought to justice.

Summing up his speech, he stated that Attorney General Eric Holder was ordered to pay attention to the necessary measures for restoring confidence in the society. Also, the Attorney General was instructed by the U.S. President to check whether the "law enforcement authorities operate fairly."

Earlier it was stated that popular protests in the U.S. continue. During the rebels, activists used weapons against law enforcement bodies. At the same time, the police denied that the weapons were used against activists.

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