On behalf of NATO Stoltenberg requires that more countries impose new sanctions against Russia

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General expressed his support for the new sanctions against Russia, imposed by the US and the EU. Secretary General also urged other countries to support the sanctions policy against Russia.

On behalf of NATO Stoltenberg requires that more countries impose new sanctions against Russia

According to Stoltenberg, Russian aggression against Ukraine should have consequences. In this regard, Stoltenberg believes that the new sanctions against Russia are very important. Secretary General said that in the current situation he would like to see as many countries acceding to these measures of influence on Russia as possible. NATO Secretary General stated it on the eve of the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Alliance, reports.

He also said that the Alliance would not give Russia any guarantees about Georgia and Ukraine not joining NATO. These guarantees are contrary to the basic principles the Organization is based on. Sovereign and independent states can make their own decision about their accession to NATO. The Alliance is based on the principle of "open doors".

During his speech, Stoltenberg also made it clear that the issue of compromise on the international law to restore cooperation with Russia is off the table. The Alliance does not recognize annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

According to the Secretary General, the Russian Federation has two options: either to continue its aggression against Ukraine and worsen its isolation, or to respect the rules and principles of international law, as well as to restore cooperation with NATO for mutual benefit.

According to Stoltenberg, the Alliance will continue to provide Ukraine with assistance. In particular, it is referred to the trust funds that have been created by NATO to assist in the development of the Ukrainian armed forces. These funds should be used December 2.

Earlier, the Russian side demanded that the Western countries ensure not having Ukraine in NATO.

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