Obama asks Congress not to impose new sanctions against Russia

U.S. leader Barack Obama believes for today there is enough sanctions to put pressure on President Putin. In this regard, the U.S. president asked Congress not to impose new sanctions against Russia. He believes that it will split the relationship between Europe and the United States.

Obama asks Congress not to impose new sanctions against Russia

In order for new sanctions against Russia be effective, the European and American communities must speak with one voice. It is the opinion of President Obama. At the moment President Putin has no good cards, because he did not play his cards right, the Western press reports.

Putin will be in pole position only if he severs transatlantic relationship. In this regard, Obama believes that at this stage new sanctions against Russia should not be imposed. Thus, according to the president, it is incorrect to assume that increasing sanctions against Russia will somehow change Putin's views or policy.

Earlier, it was reported that Europe is considering expansion of new sanctions against Russia. This time they may touch annexed Crimean peninsula. In particular, it is referred to the tourism sector.

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