2-year-old kid shoots dead his mother in U.S.

The tragic incident occurred in one of Walmart stores in the U.S. state of Idaho.

2-year kid shoots dead his mother in U.S.

2-year-old boy took a loaded gun out of his mother's purse when she was standing in a queue, and accidentally took a shot.

"I mean, this is a pretty tragic incident right now that we're dealing with. The victim is 29-year-old Veronica Rutledge from Blackfoot," Kootenai lieutenant Stu Miller commented on the murder, which occurred on Tuesday in the commercial center of Hayden.

According to the lieutenant, the woman had an official permit to carry a personal weapon she received in Washington.

"There's a lot of people who do carry guns in this area. But for her to have it within reach of her child — that was not very smart," Miller said.

On Wednesday morning, representatives of Walmart commented on the situation, calling the incident "a very sad incident," and noting that the store employees fully cooperate with the law in this matter.

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