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U.S. develops secret TR-3B Astra aircraft

Most often witnesses of this aircraft consider it a triangular-shaped UFO.

American TR-3B Astra is the secret development of tactical reconnaissance aircraft. Most often witnesses of this aircraft consider it a triangular-shaped UFO due to the fact that the power plant of the aircraft is a generator of the powerful magnetic vortex field and people see the luminous flux emitted periodically by this generator as unearthly and inhuman. This creates an opportunity to move around easily and maneuverably in the air and to surpass all the aircraft by specifications.

TR-3B Astra cockpits are equipped with something like a ring particle accelerator, which is ahead of all the leading technology of today. The main purpose of this installation is to generate an intense magnetic vortex field partially (up to 90%) or fully neutralizing the effect of gravity on the weight of the unit.

The aircraft pilots can easily endure the acceleration up to 40 G, since the effect of 89-percent loss of gravity provided by MFD-generator makes it for the human body like 4,2 G under normal conditions.

The ring accelerator engages mercury and rotates with the speed of 60 000 revolutions per minute. A modified core engine is the main source of energy for TR-3B.

In the center of the body of the aircraft there is so-called MFD, magnetic field breaker, where mercury plasma circulates creating the effect of gravitational breakdown. Complex propulsion system of the aircraft, which includes liquid-jet engines running on liquefied oxygen and hydrogen, was created by Rockwell. This company has always been famous for its creative designs, for example B-2 Spirit.

Despite the fact that the specialized editions published many photos of TR-3B, officially their existence is not confirmed.

This video was published on May 8, 2014. It shows TR-3B Astra shooting the base of the Taliban in Afghanistan. A strange incident occurred in the city of Asadabad in the eastern portion of the country.