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American rents out his Tesla for night

One of the residents of Phoenix, Arizona, has surprised by an interesting offer: a man allows people to spend the night in his Tesla car for $ 85.

American rents out his Tesla for night

An entrepreneurial driver Steve decided it would be better and more economical if his car did not stand with no purpose all night but gave revenue.

That's why he decided to turn it into a kind of a place to sleep. Steve notes that his Tesla will stand in securely locked garage, so nobody will be able to drive his unusual "motel on wheels."

According to the owner of the car, the cost of accommodation includes an inflatable mattress and bedding. However, it is prohibited to smoke and bring pets to bed.

Also Steve adds that the car is his personal vehicle, that is why the guests should leave his car until eight o'clock in the morning, so he could safely drive it for work.